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    Hanoi – The destination for Chinese, Japanese, Australian tourists

    The Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism announced that total nearly 1.9 million foreign visitors coming to Hanoi in 2011, in which the number of Chinese tourists, Japan and Australia account for nearly one-third.

    Specifically, Chinese visitors reached 309,400 arrivals, more than 115 thousand compared to Japanese, visitors from Australia approximately 110 thousand. The number of international tourists come to Hanoi in 2011 grew 11% compared to 2010, the national tourism year in Hanoi.

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    It was the result of various tourism promotion activities such as: Participation in National Tourism in Phu Yen, join Fair Trade promoting investment and tourism in Nghe An, involvement poles on the international tourism promotion organizations as TPO (Tourism Promotion Organization) in Dalian (China), attending MICE Tourism Week in Jeju (South Korea). On the other hand, travel activities in the area also improved, including, most notably the activities associated with the development of tourism provinces such as Quang Ninh, Lao Cai, Ninh Binh …

    It is worth noting that these monuments of Hanoi have attracted a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Only in four important monuments of the capital, including Ngoc Son Temple, Hoa Lo prison, Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, Hanoi Museum attracted nearly three million local tourists and abroad. Revenue from ticket sales at four monuments is over 22 billion.

    In 2012, Hanoi tourism operators continue to focus on key markets, in addition to the above three major markets, Hanoi will expand to potential markets such as Korea, and some countries of the EU as France, Britain, Germany …

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