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    Hanoi welcomed nearly 1.9 million international clients in 2011

    Hanoi TouristAccording to statistical data of Hanoi Tourism Culture & Communication in 2011, the number of international clients is estimated at nearly 1.9 million (up 11% compared to 2010), in which in-house international client is estimated at 1, 4 million (up 15% compared to 2010).

    Praiseworthy, clients in major market to Hanoi significantly increased as Chinese clients 19%, Australia 28%, Japanese 13%, and Korean 22%. In addition, the amount of internal client to Hanoi reached 11.66 million (up 10% compared to the same period last year).

    In 2012, tourism sector of Hanoi capital will complete development plan approval to 2020, vision 2030; to coordinate implementation of projects extending the streets in Hoan Kiem district. Holding culture carnival, technology & tourism projects in a number theater and organize international tourism trade fair in Hanoi in 2010; host the eleventh meeting of the Council to promote Tourism in Asia (CPTA), complete building large tourism advertising plate in position as the gateway to the city of National Highway 1, 3, 5, 32.

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