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    Hanoi food festival at West Lake Park

    Hanoi food festival

    This year’s Hanoi food festival themed Am thuc Ha Thanh-Chao xuan 2012 (Hanoi’s cuisine – Welcoming the Spring 2012) will be held at the West Lake Park from Friday to Monday by Hanoi Tourist Corporation.

    According to the organizer, the festival will feature traditional and modern foods including cha ca Hanoi (Hanoi fish paste), banh cuon Thanh Tri (Thanh Tri steamed rice pancake) and bun thang (a kind of spaghetti soup). Joining the event are performers from hotels and restaurants in Hanoi.

    Culinary products are showcased in line with different subjects, such as former Hanoi, modern Hanoi and vegetarian food besides the presence of folk games and handicraft booths.

    (Source: SGT)

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