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    Hanoi Parks and Green Areas

    Ba Vi National Park Hanoi

    Ba Vi National Park is centred around scenic Ba Vi Mountain (Nui Ba Vi) and attracts Hanoi expats looking for a Sunday escape from the city. The park has over 2000 flowering plants, 12 of which have been classified as [...]

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    Quan Son Lake Hanoi

    Quan Son Lake is situated in My Duc District. It is about 50 kilometres southeast of central Hanoi. It covers an area of 850ha with nearly 100 mountains and a diversity of plantation, pagodas and historic relics. The lake water [...]

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    Suoi Hai Lake Hanoi

    At the foot is Suoi Hai Lake. This artificial body of water was built in 1958, and protects 14 islands of varying sizes. There are many trees and fruit gardens on the islands and lakeshore. Suoi Hai lake, twice as [...]

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    Dong Mo Lake Hanoi

    Dong Mo Lake is located at the foot of Ba Vi Mountain, approximately 40 km from Hanoi. This artificial lake has long supplied water for the whole Son Tay area. More than 20 islands emerge from the lake. With a [...]

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    Truc Bach Lake Hanoi

    Truc Bach (White Silk) Lake is separated from Ho Tay by D Thanh Nien, which is lined with name trees. During the 18th century, the Trinh lords built a palace on this site; it was later transformed into a reformatory [...]

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    The Red River Hanoi

    The Red River, also known as the Hong – Red, Song Cai, Song Ca – Mother River (Vietnamese), or Yuan River (Chinese), is a river that flows from southwestern China through northern Vietnam to the Gulf of Tonkin. The Red [...]

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    West Lake (Ho Tay)

    Location: West Lake is in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.
    Characteristic: West Lake, also called Ho Tay, is the biggest lake in central Hanoi, covering 500ha. In the past, West Lake used to be part of the Red River. West Lake, a beautiful spot in Hanoi, was once a resort for mandarins and kings.

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    Hoan Kiem Lake Hanoi

    Location: Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the center of Hanoi.
    Characteristic: Hoan Kiem Lake also called Lake of the Restored Sword. The name Lake of the Restored Sword is derived from a legend.

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