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    Traditional craft villages

    Bat Trang Ceramic Village

    Bat Trang is an old, well established village in the Gia Lâm district of Hanoi. It is about 13 km from central Hanoi. It is famous for producing a unique style of ceramics called Bat Trang Porcelain. Bát Tràng is [...]

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    Van Phuc Village

    Van Phuc is situated on the bank of Nhue River, 10km from central Hanoi on the southwest motorway. The village is in the centre of Ha Dong Town, and the biggest silk production village in Vietnam. The sound of looms [...]

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    Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan Village

    Phu Vinh has become the most attractive place in Phu Nghia commune for visitors of handicraft trade village tours. Tourists coming to Phu Vinh were attracted by the history of over three centuries of traditional rattan handicraft and bamboo weaving. [...]

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    Son Dong Village

    Son Dong village of Hoai Duc district, has a long-standing history as a traditional handicraft village for carving “statues, sculptures, and red lacquer trimmed with gold”. The village has the distinction of recently being recognized by Vietnam Record Book Center [...]

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    Quat Dong Embroidery Village

    Quat Dong village, Thuong Tin district (Ha Noi) is a traditional village of handicraft from 17th century. The embroidery in Quat Dong has been reached to the sosphicicated and refined. Embroidery art works from Quat Dong satisfy both foreign and [...]

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    Chuong Conical Hat

    This small village, 40 kilometres on the west of central Hanoi, has maintained its reputation for over three centuries. Just like Van Phuc villagers with their fine silks, Chuong people have their own pride for the famous Non. In the [...]

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    Chuyen My Wood Carving Village

    Chuyen My is about 35 kilometers south of central Hanoi. This village is famous for creating more traditional crafts related to wood carving. It’s the mother of pearl inlay that makes it so popular; and this wasn’t started until the [...]

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    Ha Thai Lacquer Painting Village Hanoi

    Ha Thai village – Duyen Thai commune is located right by side of 1A national highway and among other famous trade villages. Ha Thai village’s lacquer painting itself has developed for a long time. Previously, the village had one largest [...]

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