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Hanoi Museums

Hanoi museum
Hanoi Museum

Hanoi’s newest museum opened in 2010 as part of the city’s 1000th birthday celebrations. In architectural terms this is far and away the country’s most ambitious museum project. The inverted pyramid design is visually striking and is surprisingly functional. It [...]

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Vietnam museum of ethnology
Vietnam museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is both a research centre and a public museum exhibiting the ethnic groups of Vietnam. The mission of the Museum is scientific research, collection, documentation, conservation, exhibition and preserving the cultural and historic patrimony of the [...]

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Bao Tang bien phong
Border Guard Museum

The Border Guard Museum (Bao Tang Bien Phong) at 2 Pho Tran Hung Dao is dedicated to those friendly boys in uniform you encountered at the airport or border crossing. Theoretically, it’s open 8 to 11 am Monday to Saturday, [...]

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History of Military Museum Hanoi

Military History Museum is located at No. 28A Dien Bien Phu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. It was formerly the French expeditionary barracks and covers 10,000m2 divided into 30 showrooms. It was founded on December 22nd, 1958. The content of [...]

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memorial house
Memorial House Hanoi

The delightful house at 87 Pho Ma May, north of Hoan Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter, is definitely worth visiting. This thoughtfully restored, traditional Chinese-style dwelling is sparsely decorated, and gives an excellent idea of how local merchants used [...]

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Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum (Bao Tang My Thuat) is housed ill the former French Ministry of Information. Here you can see some very intricate sculptures, paintings, lacquer ware, ceramics and other traditional Vietnamese fine arts. Some reproductions of antiques are [...]

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Women’s Museum Hanoi

The excellent Women’s Museum (Bao Tang Phu Nu) at 36 Pho Ly Thuong Kiet gets good reviews from travellers. There’s the inevitable tribute to women soldiers, but, fortunately, there’s much more than that. On the 4th floor you can see [...]

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Revolutionary Museum Hanoi

The Revolutionary Museum (Bao Tang Cach Mang), at 25 Pho Tong Dan, creatively presents the history of the Vietnamese Revolution. It’s near the History Museum, see the Central Hanoi map. It established in August 1959, It has been designed into [...]

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History Museum Hanoi

The History Museum (BaoTang Lich Su), once the museum of the Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Orient, is one block east of the Municipal Theatre at 1 Pho Pharn Ngu Lao (Central Hanoi map). This elegant, ochrecoloured structure was the brainchild of [...]

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Army Museum Hanoi

The Army Museum (Bao Tang Quan Doi), on Pho Dien Bien Phu, is open daily. Outside, Soviet and Chinese weaponry supplied to the North are displayed alongside French and US-made weapons captured in the Franco-Vier Minh and American wars. The [...]

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Ho Chi Minh Museum

President Ho Chi Minh – Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture. He devoted his whole life to the national of the Vietnamses people, contributing to the common struggle of peoples for peace, national independence, democracy and [...]

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Air Force Museum Hanoi

This is one or the larger museums in the country and, though seldom visited by foreigners, it’s very worthwhile if you are a war history or aircraft buff. The Air Force Museum (Bao Tang Khong Quan) has many or its [...]

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Hoa Lo Prison Museum Hanoi

This provocative site , at 1 Pho Hoa Lo on the corner with Pho Hai Ba Trung, is all that remains of the former Hoa Lo Prison, ironically nicknamed the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ by US POWs during the American War. Those [...]

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Geology Museum Hanoi

The Geology Museum (Bao Tang Dia Chat) tells the story of the geologic processes that created such breathtaking spots as Halong Ray; however, most of the explanations are in Vietnamese. It’s located at 6 Pho Pham Ngu Lao (see Central [...]

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