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    Hanoi Craft and Fine Arts Week scheduled for next month

    Hanoi Craft and Fine Art Products Week 2010 will take place on August 4-9 with the participation of more than 10 enterprises and artisans showcasing seven groups of products.

    Displaying elegant products of artisans, companies and firms in Hanoi, the event aims both to boost product export and to promote the traditional culture of craft villages around the capital city.

    The judging panel of the gift-designing contest as part of the event on July 12 chose 18 samples for the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi. They are the six-piece set of weaving products by artisan Hoang Van Hoi, rattan handbag by Hoang Van Hanh, bamboo fan by Trong Le Company, five silk Hoa Ban towels by Trieu Van Mao, silk tie by Chau A silk company, and two bronze plates by Gia Thang-Dong Hong Thang Firm.

    Besides, necklaces crafted by Cuu Long jewelry company, silver flower pin by Quach Tuan Tu, rattan-made tissue paper box by Nguyen Van Vinh and a set of chopsticks by Thang Thuan Company were also chosen.

    The remaining items that were chosen include the five rattan bags by artisan Nguyen Thi Han, bamboo pens by artisan Nguyen Duy Thang, replica of the One-Pillar Pagoda by the fine arts products and jade paintings company Xuan Viet, a set of ceramic teapots by artisan Pham Duc Thien, rattan fashion bags by Nguyen Van Binh, six jewelry products by Nguyen Tan Phat and brocade dragon by Vu Van Gioi.

    There will be a seminar on Hanoi’s traditional craft villages themed “Potential for development and tourism,” tours to craft villages, a products show, and performances to show off the skills of craftsmen and artisans.

    Source SGT

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